29.1      OVERVIEW




29.11  If Germany or Italy carries out an aggression against a minor country and neither Allied major power declares war (31), the aggression is resolved and the game continues.

29.12  German and Italian aggressions are resolved differently.


29.21  GERMAN ATTACKS ON MINOR COUNTRIES:  Germany is considered to have overrun the target or occupied it without resistance. In either case, Germany gains control of the target in one turn at no cost.

29.22 POLAND: If Germany carries out an aggression against Poland proper (not Danzig and the Corridor) and neither Allied major power declares war, Germany has the following three options. This choice must be made in the turn of the aggression against Poland proper, before the conquest of Poland, may not be deferred to a subsequent turn, and may not be reversed by resurrecting a conquered Poland:

A. CONQUEST: Germany may negotiate or continue the Nazi-Soviet Pact and conquer Poland:

B. POLAND AS A GERMAN SATELLITE: Germany may break the Nazi-Soviet Pact (31.81) and turn Poland into an anti-Communist satellite, whether or not the Nazi-Soviet Pact was negotiated in the turn of the aggression against Poland proper or in a previous turn when Germany occupied Danzig and the Corridor:

C. POLAND AS A NEUTRAL MINOR COUNTRY: Germany may negotiate the Nazi-Soviet Pact and leave Central Poland intact, provided Danzig and the Polish Corridor have not been incorporated into Germany in a previous turn:

The A World at War -2 diplomatic modifier for Germany having occupied Danzig and the Polish Corridor does not apply after a successful German aggression against all of Poland in Gathering Storm.


29.31  ITALIAN ATTACKS ON MINOR COUNTRIES:  If the defensive strength of an attacked minor country is 0 or less, Italy occupies the minor country without resistance. Otherwise Italy must conquer the minor country.

29.32  ETHIOPIA:  The Italian conquest of Ethiopia automatically occurs at the end of the third turn after Italy attacks. There is no cost to Italy and no effect on the Axis-Allied balance of power.

EXAMPLE: Italy attacks Ethiopia in Fall 1935. Ethiopia is conquered in Summer 1936, and Italy begins receiving support level increases and may conduct further aggressions in Fall 1936 (29.35).

29.33 ALBANIA , GREECE AND YUGOSLAVIA: The number of turns Italy requires to conquer Albania, Greece or Yugoslavia is determined by the resistance level of the minor country, which is the minor country’s basic defensive strength (28.2), modified by its diplomatic alignment (28.3) and any trade pacts in bordering minor countries (28.4). The minor country’s resistance level is not increased by a random tile draw (28.5) when determing how many turns Italy requires for a conquest.

29.34 TIMING OF EFFECTS: The EAI effects and Allied activity counter and support increases from an Italian attack on a minor country are triggered when the Italian aggression is initiated, but Italy does not benefit from the aggression until the turn after the minor country is occupied or conquered. If the minor country’s resistance level is 1 or less, this will be the turn after the aggression.

29.35 LIMITED ITALIAN MILITARY CAPACITY: Italy may not intervene in a civil war or attack another minor country while it is engaged in a war with a minor country, including the conquest of Ethiopia.