Game Reports

Game reports are a great way to see how other people play the game and are just great fun to read. The below game reports have been provided for your entertainment. They have not been reviewed and there is no guarantee that the repots are accurate or followed all of the game rules.

Game Reports
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The following demonstration game illustrates both how Gathering Storm is played and how the units and counters are moved on the mapboard, balance of power charts and scenario cards to implement and reflect game developments.


The demonstration game is highly recommended for new players, but more experienced players will also find the game interesting, especially the player logs for each turn which reflect the ruminations, hopes and dreams of the participants.



In preparation for the 2015 World Boardgaming Championships, Bruce Harper (European Allies,), Elihu Feustel (Pacific Allies), Eric Thobaben (European Axis), and Randy Scheers (Japan) played a game of Gathering Storm to set up the starting position for the AWAW game they will be playing.


The game ended in Winter 1938 with the Austria and Czechoslovakia annexed, Albania and Poland conquered, and Germany declaring war on Britain and France.