ERB Game Report


In preparation for the 2015 World Boardgaming Championships, Bruce Harper (European Allies,), Elihu Feustel (Pacific Allies), Eric Thobaben (European Axis), and Randy Scheers (Japan) played a game of Gathering Storm to set up the starting position for the AWAW game they will be playing.

The game ended in Winter 1938 with the Austria and Czechoslovakia annexed, Albania and Poland conquered, and Germany declaring war on Britain and France.

The game was played via email and took just over two weeks to complete. The entire game and the conversion to AWAW is posted here.



Spring Summer Fall Winter


Spring Summer Fall Winter


Spring Summer Fall Winter


Spring Summer Fall Winter




Axis Allied Russian




RS01-Research RS02-Diplomacy RS03-BRPs RS04-YSS RS05-Scenario RS06-Forces RS17-SubwarRec MinorCountries

GS-AWAW Conversion Spreadsheet (compressed macro-enabled Excel 2013 spreadsheet)